IPC Strategy

What Makes IPC Special?

Investment Property Connection’s goal is to return 20-25% annually to the investor.

Investment Property Connection targets properties that can be purchased well below market value.  These profitable properties are purchased directly into the investor’s business name, protecting the client.  Immediate increased value is achieved by purchasing only these selected properties at 50-60% below market rate.  Then IPC repairs that property, and sells to a retail customer for a substantial profit.

Why can IPC purchase properties at such a low discount?  IPC’s team has spent years refining the process of locating, evaluating, fixing, and selling properties for significant profit.

Each property that passes a preliminary computer inspection goes on to a physical inspection.  Team Leaders drive these properties for a real world view of these properties, the condition, occupancy, and view of the general area for further input.  IPC’s team has viewed literally thousands of properties.  It is not abnormal to view 30 to 40 properties in one day for larger auctions.

Once properties are acquired, NeJame Law begins our quiet title process so we have the ability to resell the properties with title insurance.  In addition to the quieting of title, they also perform other legal service related to old tenants, squatters, new tenants and any other legal issue that may arise.

After acquisition, the property is further evaluated by Matt Merdian and his team.  This meeting sets a game plan for renovation, budgets, and exit strategy.  These items are discussed before acquisition however after acquisition these are revisited to come up with hard figures to follow for a profitable exit.

Our team also includes computer programmers and web developers for programming and automation.  The websites we scrape information from change on a regular basis so the must reprogram our software to adapt to the County’s changes.  In addition to programming and automation we have set up personalized password protected websites for each investor so they can independently view their acquired properties, progress, pictures, and returns.

Investors are protected multiple ways:

  • All bank accounts are kept in investor’s LLC name
  • All deposits in multiple counties are in investor’s LLC name
  • We carry a $1M general liability policy for each investor as well as insure each property
  • All QuickBooks accounting is verifiable at any time by investor’s own accountant or CPA
  • Monthly financial reports are sent to each investor
  • $1,000,000 Key Man insurance in place for key members