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Streamlined Real Estate Investing

Streamlined Real Estate Investing

Streamlined Real Estate InvestingStreamlined Real Estate Investing

Options designed to meet your needs from $100k to $10 million with over 20 years experience

Our Services

Investors 100k-$1 Million

IPC provides loan structures for investors below $1 Million.  These loans are secured by the properties purchased by the fund.  The current rate of return is 8.0% secured.

Investors $1 Million to $5 Million

Investors receive a preferred return of 6% while funds are being deployed.  Investors share in the profits above Investor's preferred return.  IPC has a target goal of 12%-15% annualized return for the Investor.  These funds are also secured by the properties purchased.

$5 Million +

IPC can custom tailor an investment strategy for your group.  Whether you are diversifying an existing portfolio, or expanding a fund, IPC has a mixture of income based properties and 'flips' to diversify and hedge against market risks.